Data generation


Generates email string. Local-part (username) will be in the length (nonnegative integer) passed as argument and domain will be added. If 0 is passed will be generated. It returns function call if the argument passed is a negative number.

$genEmail(10)                     ->
$genEmail(0)                      ->

wrong usage:
$genEmail(-1)                     -> $genEmail(-1)


Generates string, characters count (nonnegative integer) as argument

$genString(30)                    -> lon2w0px5ielsvh31888n37a8nhm06
$genString(0)                     ->

wrong usage:
$genString(-1)                    -> $genString(-1)

$genStringFromSubset(charactersCount, charactersSubset)

Generates string in count (nonnegative integer) and subset of characters from passed arguments

$genStringFromSubset(10, abcdef)  -> afedabbdbd
$genStringFromSubset(10, "")      -> """"""""""
$genStringFromSubset(0, abcdef)   ->

wrong usage:
$genStringFromSubset(-1, abcdef)  -> $genStringFromSubset(-1, abcdef)


Generates UUID version 4

$genUUID4()                       -> 15783624-3c7e-4932-a93a-1a788ffaa1d3

$genInteger(min, max)

Generates random integer in given range from min (inclusive) to max (inclusive). Passed arguments must be nonnegative integers.

$genInteger(1, 5)                  -> 5

wrong usage:
$genInteger(-1, 5)                 -> $genInteger(-1, 5)

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