Create test set

Test set is a group of tests that belong to specific tasks or feature and executed together.

Case details

To define the test yaml type as test set it is mandatory to set set constant value to test parameter. Set name is required to execute test set.
Example: test: set

To execute test set you need to set name.
Example: name: <test name>

You also need to define set description. Example: description: <test set description>

To add cases to set you need to write required cases under cases parameter. Example:

     - <test case name>
     - <test case name>

There are two options to create test set:

  1. Generate test set using Apimation CLI client by execute following command:
    apimation generate set <set name>
  2. Create new YAML test case manually: Create <set name>.yaml file in Sets folder with following content:
    test: set
    name: <set name>
    description: Book API test set
     - <case name>

Please see full description of teste set creation here

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