Start test engine worker

Test engine worker is component which will execute your tests. It can be started on a different machine than the one where CLI client was started. It is possible to start more than one worker with same configuration as well.

There are 3 ways to start a test engine worker:

  • Easiest way to do so when you just need one worker is by using any apimation run commands, it will create an auto worker to execute the test.
  • If you want manual control over the worker you can use:
apimation worker -h

To manually start the worker with worker subcommand use:

apimation worker start
  • To start a worker separate from the CLI you can download the binary found here
  • You can also access TEW Docker image in Docker Hub

Refer to help manual to configure the worker:

testEngineWorker -h

This is how worker directory will look like after configuration:

worker folder

For manual worker you run this command to see if worker is running and its current configuration:

apimation worker status

Run this command to see all available workers for current project:

apimation worker list


If worker is not available in the returned list output, please check worker log, usually found under worker/logs directory. Contact support if needed.

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