Test execution

NB! It is advised read Test Engine Worker section before continuing

  • Deploy your first test assets to apimation cloud, this will serve as your backup and as your stable test platform, but be careful not to overwrite other test assets if you share this project with someone else:
  apimation deploy
  • Apimation CLI client provides several options to execute tests
apimation run -h

When using run commands with default options the tests will always run in the state that they are saved on your device.

  • To run a single test case execute this command you can:
apimation run case <case name>
  • To run tests from the cloud use remote flag:
apimation run case <case name>  -r
  • To run tests set with multiple test cases you need execute following command:
apimation run set <set name>
  • To run load test execute:
apimation run load <load test name>

When test run is done apimation CLI client will print HTML link which contains test run results.

Please see the description of apimation CLI client commands for more information.

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