Get started with Apimation

Follow these steps to set up your Apimation project and execute your first tests:

If you are joining an existing project

First, ask anyone of your team members who already has an apimation account to invite you.

apimation invite <your@email>

And then you can restore remote project data by executing restore command:

apimation restore --project <project name>

Apimation CLI client will ask you to sign into your account. After successful sign in, apimation CLI client will restore your project.

If not - create new Apimation user and project

With user create command:

apimation user create
Then you are ready to generate new test assets

First, generate test step using generate step command:

apimation generate step <step name> -f <feature name>

And then test case using generate case command:

apimation generate case <case name> -f <feature name>

Now open newly generated test case file with your favourite text editor and replace <insert step name> with step name.

Also remove loadFrom: <set collection name if step needs to be loaded from different collection> if you used the same value after -f flag when generated test step and case.

And execute your tests

Run test case using run case command:

apimation run case <case name>

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