Install Apimation CLI client

Apimation CLI client installation is simple and should only take a few minutes. To execute Apimation CLI client, you will need to run commands from a command prompt (Windows) or a terminal (Linux, OSX).

Brew installation (macOS)

Brew is the easiest way to start using apimation CLI client.
First apimation installation:

brew tap apimation/brew-taps && brew install apimation

Upgrade apimation:

brew update && brew upgrade apimation

Binary installation (Windows and Linux)

To start using Apimation CLI client from binaries you need to download it.

We recommend to create an alias for CLI client, like in this example:

alias apimation="<path to apimation>"

Test installation

To make sure that apimation cli client successfully installed execute:

apimation -h

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