Constant load test


Constant load tests run on principle that all requests that are defined in the test case and set as property 'testCase' will be run in loop at a constant request rate per second set as property 'rate' for duration of time that is set as property 'duration'.

test: load `(mandatory) Property key and constant value to define the test yaml type as test load`
name: string `(mandatory) Name label of test load case
loadtype: "constant" `(mandatory)
    setupCases: [string, string,...] `List of test case names which will be executed before main tests` [optional]
    testCase: string `(mandatory) Name of test case for load scenario that is defined under project scope`
    finalCases: [string, string,...] `List of test case names which will be executed after all test has been executed` [optional]
    environment: string `Name of default environment for load test execution` [optional]
    rate: int `Requests per second, constant load rate`
    duration: string `(mandatory) Duration of constant load test in seconds(s), minutes(m), hours(h) - 10s, 10m, 1h`
    workerType: string `Worker type that are setup for the load test`
    secondaryWorker: string `Worker type for setup and final case execution, for remote run` [optional]
    workers: `list of workers through which load test will be distributed` [optional]
        -   worker: string `Type name of worker`
            rate: int `Number of users for particular worker`
        -   ...
        fromList: `Dictionary which holds variables as keys and list of values for each of them`
            (varname:string): [(varvalue:string|int), varvalue, varvalue...]
            $variable1: ["var value", "var value 2", "var value 3"]
            $variable2: ["var value"]
        fromVar: `Dictionary which holds variables as keys and variables that are resolved to list during runtime`
            (varname:string): (varvalue:string|int)
            $variable1: $varList1
            $variable2: $varList2
    maxIdleConnections: int `Number of maximum idle connections` [optional] `500 by default`
    asserts: `List of performance type assertions` [optional]
        -   type: string ("latency"|"wait"|"requestrate"|"requestcount"|"status")
            metric: string ("max"|"mean"|"50th"|"95th"|"99th"|"total"|status code)
            operator: ("eq"|"ne"|"gt"|"lt"|"ge"|"le"|"regex") `operator values, defaults to 'le' less than or equals`
            expected: (string|int) `Latency,wait types: duration in milliseconds(ms), seconds(s) or minutes(m); requestrate and requestcount types: int; status type: int(response count)`


test: load
name: constantLoginLoadTest
loadtype: constant
    testCase: Login
    environment: Staging 
    rate: 1
    duration: 60s
    workerType: loc
    maxIdleConnections: 400
    httpTimeout: 25s
    distribution: random
      - type: latency
        metric: 50th
        operator: lt
        expected: 5s

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